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Lake Conroe Wakesurfing Excursion

Wakesurfing Excursion by the Hour

Wakesurfing Excursion by the Hour

$85 per person
Per Person Per Hour
10+ Age

Wakesurfing excursion for 2 – 3 people per person – per hour.

3 person minimum for the charter leave the dock – this means, if there are 2 people booked for this excursion there would need to be another booking, less than that will require rescheduling to another session

This excursion is not for learning how to surf. Its for those who are able to get up surfing and want to hone their skills more. You don’t have to be an expert, just come out and go surfing with us.

*We may have more than one person on the boat. Everyone will get their time in but the time on the boat may be longer than the hours you booked.

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  • Included
    Boat Driver
    Life Jackets
    Surf Boards
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Lake Conroe


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