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Singles Wakesurfing Lessons

Singles – Wakesurfing Excursion

Singles – Wakesurfing Excursion

$85 per person

It’s just you, or you and a friend want to book separately. This is the booking you want.

FIRST OF ALL! There’s 1 think you MUST know. For a charter to occur, we need a minimum of 3 people to book for 2 hrs. If we do not have 3 people scheduled for the boat on a given day, then that scheduled session WILL NOT RUN. You will have to get with us to reschedule. Could be that afternoon, the next day or some other day. In MOST cases, we are already booked for 2 – 4 people on a boat.

In that case as a single you will be joining in on that boat. We will continue to take singles or more until we reach 8 people.

BUT WAIT! How much time will I get if I book for 2 hrs and there are 8 people on the boat. We’ve got that covered to. We will make sure everyone gets their time in. We will rotate surfers about every 10 minutes. In the case we have 4 people on the boat booking 2 – 3 hours, it will be easy to get everyone enough time for their 2 – 3 hr booking. In the case where we have 8 people on the boat. We will probably be out for 4 Hrs. Those people that booked for 2 hrs will get about 3 hrs of time, and those that booked for 3hrs will get about 4 hrs of time. So be prepared to be on the boat for the entire morning session (about 4 hrs).

Again, if you and another person book for a Friday afternoon session and there is no other people booked. That will have to be rescheduled. We have to have a minimum of 3 people on the boat for that session.

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  • Return Time
    11am - 12pm
  • Included
    Boat Driver
    Life Jackets
    Surf Boards
  • Not Included

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