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Boat Rentals are Lame. For the Ultimate Weekend...

Treat you and your party to a day out on Lake Conroe without the worry of everything that can go wrong. Charter one of our great wakesurfing boats and enjoy a day of wakesurfing with some tubing if you like. Some guests enjoy hitting Party Cove making it an amazing weekend day on the Lake.

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What We Do

Lake Conroe Boat Rentals are Fun and All...

Ever been disappointed in a boat rental? The truth is, you never know what you're really going to get. Sometimes they are great and sometimes you spend your whole time trying to get the radio to work, trying to figure out how to tie the tube to the boat, or just figuring out how to work the thing. Is all the Stress and Chaos worth it? Why not plan on just being present in the moment. Make great memories with your friends and family and let us handle all the stuff. Kickback, plug your tunes in, and have he weekend of your life. Come out with us Today.


Dare To LIVE

We only live once. And if there is anything that Covid has taught us is, we haven’t been living to Live or experience life. Lets create an experience that will change everything for you.


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